Our Hotel Finance Solutions

More than any mid-market lender, Access Point Financial offers customized solutions and certainty of execution for franchisees who seek to capitalize on unique market opportunities. Being closely aligned to the leading associations and brands in the hospitality industry, we are able to provide tailored loans and capital lease programs to meet the specific needs of hotel owners. APF provides hotel financing expertise and efficient underwriting and loan processing, without requiring the transfer of operating accounts or the restrictions hotel owners encounter when working with other financial institutions.

APF is considered the market leader in the hospitality industry for loans supporting the repositioning of hotel assets. Other financial institutions only look at the hotel's historical financial performance when making a credit decision. APF's specialty in hotel finance provides franchisees a number of benefits, including the ability to underwrite loans using projected post-project financials. APF loan terms are based on the credit worthiness of the borrower and the viability of the project. Our model allows for transparent loan product delivery across all of our partners.

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